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Time For New Blogger Template

Posted by Milan at 1.15.2008
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While observing my blog, I noticed that its been really long time that no new and good looking templates been published and thought it was time to do so. I looked around to get such a template that is used by other people and not available for beta blogger.com members. I found such template which is used in Wordpress.com but not available for us. Theme is called 'New Blue'.

This is cool template with search bar, works fine in both IE7 and mozilla

Theme Name: News Blue

Successfully tested in: Internet Explorer 7 (Latest & Most Common)

: Mozilla (Latest

Demo: News Blue: Wordpress Theme converted to Beta Blogger

Download Link: News Blue Template

Click Here for more Blogger Templates

[To change the description of the template find
<div id='blogdesc'> and replace description after the found code.]

Although I have successfully installed this template in Beta Blogger, inform me error if any.


Anonymous said...

I can't download it
Can you send me this theme
thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

email me : usgames@live.com
I need newsblue for blog theme
It is very nice and your blog also
Thanks in advance

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