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Money Management: How To Control Overspending

Posted by Milan at 12.16.2009
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Needless to say, a person is over excited, full of joyous mood while on holidays. This leads to the most common mistake- Overspending. I bet your joyous mood thaws when you sit back and calculate the amount spent after holidays. Overspending is obvious consequence when you have credit card with you. It is rather easier to spend money with credit card as you don't see physical money exchange. You would probably think twice to purchase an item for 300 bucks if needed to make cash payment or, you would do it easily with credit card otherwise.

What is the way out?

Pre paid credit cards is way better solution to avoid running in overspent-holidays-aftermath situation. Unlike conventional credit card (which allocates the amount you don't have in account), pre paid credit card works by allowing to spend the amount which you have deposited in account. While it enables to do everything one can do with credit card it also reminds you the spending limit every time you make transaction.

Pre paid card is something you should get around with but, it’s not just enough, it's not complete solution. Planning holidays and other expenses right from the beginning of New Year is very important to set platform for better financial year. Moreover Christmas Eve is around the corner. Ostensibly we are all over excited. Groceries stores have started discount schemes, Mannequins out side the cloth stores are being setup in Santa getup. Commercials have started bombarding us with invigorating slogans furnished with marketing tricks. With all that going around we need to make sure that we are not being drawn in emotions.

Do This

Make a list of holidays and expenses throughout the year

Figure out your annual income

Keep some amount aside for emergency

Set maxium amount to be spent for each occasion

Get pre paid credit card

Deposite the set amount for the occasion

And at the last enjoy!!!!


DLL Files: How To Fix Correpted Or Missing DLL Files

Posted by Milan at 12.02.2009
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Do you get error like...

A system file required by the application has been deleted.


Required dll file is corrupted

This can happen after uninstalling software, running a disk clearer utility, or after an attempt to tidy up the hard disk by removing files and folders that don't appear to be used.

Cause of DLL files (such as Hal.dll) missing a system file required by the application has been deleted. This can happen after uninstalling software, running a disk clearer utility, or after an attempt to tidy up the hard disk by removing files and folders that don't appear to be used.

How To Solve DLL Files Problem

Solution 1

Reinstall the application that is reporting the error. This will usually replace any missing components as well as put right any registry entries that might be contributing to the error.

Solution 2

If you recently uninstalled another program, and suspect that the error began to occur subsequent to this, reinstall that program again, or use System Restore (if you're running Windows Me or XP) to roll back to a date before the problem occurred.

Solution 3

Try downloading a copy of the DLL from this web site. A few of the most commonly required DLLs are available for download from the table below. If the file you require is listed, download it, run it, read and agree to the disclaimer text, and keep clicking on Next. The installer will install the file into its normal location, checking that it is for the right version of Windows and that it isn't overwriting a newer version in the process.

Solution 4

Use the search page to try to locate a copy of the file. If you find it, download it and install it in the correct location. This can be C:\Windows\System32 (Windows NT, 2000 or XP), C:\Windows\System (Windows 95, 98 or Me) or the folder of the application that reports the error.


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From iPhone to PC To iPhone: Transfer Music Videos Photos Files

Posted by Milan at
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This iPhone app helps to.....

Backup iPhone content to PCCopy iPhone music, movies, music videos and photos to your computer, backup iPhone music and movies to your computer.

PC to Phone transfer

Transfer music, movies, music videos from PC to iPhone easily. No need to remove original iPhone files, just add what you want.

Rip iPhone files to iTunes

Easily transfer files from iPhone to iTunes for backup and management.

Supports All iPhone types

Including iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone firmware 2.x.


Easily manage your iPhone files as a iPhone file manager

It can freely and easily transfer videos, music and photos between iPhone and PC/iTune. With this iPhone transfer software, you can transfer videos and music from iPhone to computer and transfer files from PC to iPhone with great easy, transfer your iPhone files to iTunes for backup and management. In all, Xilisoft iPhone Transfer can greatly facilitate files transfer, copy and backup among iPhone and PC for users, making us able to freely and easily manage/operate iPhone.

Supporting the latest iPhone firmware 2.x, the iPhone transfer application is superior to those iPhone softwares that cannot transfer files from PC to iPhone 2.x.

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer enables you to export files from computer to iPhone for viewing and playing, and further manages the files via iTunes. Besides transferring iPhone files, now you can use your iPhone as a portable hard disk with the iPhone transfer software installed.

Key Functions of Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

1. Ripping iPhone, backup iPhone content to PC

2. Export files from computer to iPhone, transfer from PC to iPhone

3. Copy iPhone music and videos to iTunes library

4. Make use of iPhone for portable hard disk

With Xilisoft iPhone Transfer, you are able to create and edit your own iPhone playlists with easy,view iPhone files in different mode, including List view and Illustration view, quickly locate files that you are looking for.

Play iPhone files directly

You are now able to play iPhone files with a system default player for greater convenience simply by clicking on the right-click menu.

Fast file transfer speed

Unimaginable super-fast speed which is saving you a lot of time. Get your music transferred in a few seconds!

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

This software has a clear and intuitive interface. You can know how to operate this software within a few minutes according to its intuitive navigation and wizard.

Multi-lingual support

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer support several different languages, which is suitable for users from different countries, including Chinese, English, French, German and Japanese. credit


Adsense Guide How To Make Money With Adsense

Posted by Milan at 11.24.2009
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I started a year ago with blogs,Lasvak and FragmentedBlog, and with a goal of earning $50 a day. I kept on working hard day by day and learning. Today I was able to cross my goal and reach $100 a day Mark. Its been steady from around 3 months now. And I will keep working to increase this figure.

Few points I want to share which got me here are:

1. Don't Just Plan, Implement Them

I was guilty of all planning and no implementation for long. When I started, I used to plan I will do this and that but never put my thoughts to work. I used to spend countless hours studying on DP and many blogs. But it took me lot of time to use that studying into action and actually make something. And hence i struggled a lot in the initial days. But Well one day it hit me and I started the actual work, tables start turning and since then I haven't stopped.

2. Don't Spend Time Dreaming About Money

I am not sure how many people do this but I am again guilty of this as well. In the initial days, i used to get super impressed after seeing those big check posts from bloggers and some guys here on DP. I used to day dream at least 2 hours a day on what will I do with all that money if I had it in my hands . And as its clearly visible that it would have been great, if I did some actual work to make that true.

3. Don't Buy Shit You Will Not Use

Wasted lots of money in domains which I NEVER used for my future projects(which never saw the light of the day). Before buying a website, try to make sure that you don't have a domain lying around doing nothing, built something on top of that and then go ahead buying another one. I did the same, once I had around 30 domains lying around and I was searching expired domains to buy more(stupid me yeah). But again, I gave it a thought and decided that I will only buy a new domain, if I have made use of my existing domains. And it did the trick.

PS: This domain thing doesn't apply if you are into domain flipping business or come across a killer domain.

Spent some good amount of money on databases which after buying, didn't knew how and for what to use, but yeah when someone was selling a db of 10,000 recipes i just had to get it . So, do plan in advance on what you will be doing with that DB or whatever you are spending money upon. It shoud bring some value to your projects.

4. Don't start 10 things at once, you will burn your self very fast.

Once my work picked up pace, I started working on many things together, which ultimately led to fatigue and some awful websites. Left websites with half done work and lost interest . Lesson learned, try to do one thing at a time. Start a blog/website and make sure that before you move on to another, you have at least 1000 page views per day and min $10 a day earning. Thats my way of measuring the success of a profitable website. And believe me, it requires approx 1 month of solid work to achieve that stage but once its reached you will be rest assured to a continuous stream of money coming your way. Repeat this for many websites and you have some solid earnings in the end of the month.

5. Never stop learning
Everyday new things get invented in internet world, keep your self updated on what is going around. But don't spend to much time on it. I give it around 2 hours a day to look around in forums and checking out few blogs to learn whats happening in the industry.

6. Increase to as many streams of money as possible.

Adsense, Infolinks, adbrite, chitika, affiliate marketing, link sales, paid reviews etc. You all know the drill

7. Put A Goal Infront Of You

Without a goal, you will be running endlessly. I had a goal of making $50 a day, but i crossed it and doubled the amount. I now want to do $200 a day and will try to reach to it soon. So, its pretty important to have a goal, to have something to run to and compare your progress. Do make a goal and work towards reaching it.

Ok guys, I think enough of preaching . So, I wish you all luck in your projects and for future. Thanks again for the wonderful knowledge you all have been sharing. If you need anything from me, pm me or reply here.

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FRee Clipboard Manager For Windows

Posted by Milan at 9.18.2009
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One of the most important features in Windows is the clipboard. I pretty much copy and paste text, images, folders, and files everyday on my computer. What can really make you a lot more productive is a clipboard manager/utility.

Another clipboard program that I used and liked is TenClips. TenClips is a super lightweight program for multiple clipboards in Windows.

Basically, you can store up to 10 items of text on the clipboard manager and easily switch between the 10 using a few key strokes. Note that TenClips uses the formatting in Notepad, in the sense that it will remove all text formatting before pasting.

Here's how you use the program:

  • Press Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 0 to switch to any of the 10 available clipboards
  • Now press Ctrl + C to copy the text into the currently selected clipboard
  • Press Ctrl + V to paste the text from the currently selected clipboard

If you want to paste a different piece of text from a different clipboard, switch to it by pressing Ctrl + X and then press Ctrl + V, where X is a number between 1 and 0.

There are a few more hotkeys that let you paste the text in special formats. For example, if you want to paste everything in uppercase, then you would press Win + Num *. To paste everything in lowercase, press Win + Num /.

For some reason, these two are confusing (Win + Num *) and I couldn't get them to work, so changing them to something straightforward will make it easier to use.

You can also change all the hotkeys to whatever you like by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray and choosing Settings.

You can also clear the entire clipboard by simply double-clicking on the system tray icon. Purified text basically means that all formatting is removed before pasting.

Overall, the program is pretty simplistic, but it gets the jobs done. If you occasionally need to copy multiple items to the clipboard, this tool is better suited since it's small and doesn't take up a lot of memory.

If you are a programmer or need to use multiple clipboards all the time, then something like Ditto might be better since it has more features. Enjoy!