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Blogging | Paid to Blogging

Posted by Milan at 10.18.2007
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There are tens of free blogging service provider like Wordpress, Blogger, Typad and drupal, that let you to blogging with the aid of user friendly features. But, do they pay for blogging? As blogging is growing by feet and starts, new and instant earning opportunity has been brought by Smorty a blog advertising firm. Concept is called get paid to blogging. As name suggest, you will be paid to post in your own blog. Smorty serves as a conduite between advertiser and bloggers, where bloggers will be paid to review the advertisers.

Sounds good humm?? It is more than it sounds. Earning money has became very easy and instant with paid to post concept. Earning process goes like this... Open an account >> select the subjects of your interest >> Write an interesting review >> Get paid weekly by PayPal after approval. Getting an account is even more easy and free as well. After registration your application will be reviewed by Smorty representative, within 72 hours, and you will be notify by email.

As it is the easiest way to make money by blogging, Smorty has outlined its own terms and condition which they follow strictly. Like for your application approval your Blog must be indexed by Google & Yahoo, your blog must be 90 days old, your blog must not contain adult or violent content, your blog should have average of two post in a week and of course your posts must not have been copied i.e content of your blog must not be duplicate.

As they are following strictly to rules, they are also giving you money with free hands. Smorty allows you to have multiple blogs in one account, which you can manage from admin panel. This feature increases your chances to earn more from single campaign.

Smorty is generous in revenue sharing also. You will be paid minimum $6 per post. You can earn more if your PageRank is high. One more thing that attracts the blogger is the 'Smorty score' system. This system will determine whether you should be paid more. This system considers various factors to make out the quality of blogger, higher score will pay you high. If your posts are very attractive with unique content, your pay out could be $60 per post.

You will be paid as soon as advertiser approves you post. Advertisers have five official day to approve your post. If they fails to do so your post will automatically be approved. This could be advantage for bloggers.

This is the unique way to earn money online internet, so its time for action. Get Smorty pay you.


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