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Increase Free Traffic Using RSS

Posted by Milan at 10.19.2007
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We all now how important is to get traffic on the website. A website without traffic is just like Body without soul or Kiss without affection. So here is the way to make your website alive generating decent traffic from search engines. This post includes an ebook and comprehensive (above 156, and tested) list of web based feed aggregator where you can submit your feed URL.

What Is RSS? Quick Explanation for Blog Traffic

What is RSS?

Full form of RSS is Rich Site Summary, it is sort of format being used by the major website and news channel websites to serve fresh content about a particular topic from various other websites and blogs. Many news channel websites, Web bloggers and publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed. Distributed RSS feeds content of news-related websites like wired, community oriented for news e.g. Slashdot, and personal weblogs, syndicate their newly added information so that their readers can have latest news and informations at their finger tips. It was solely used for news but it is not just for news. RSS feed is, now a days, being used for any piece of information that can be spilt into discrete items: It could be latest changed page of a wiki, your latest post or release of latest version of software.

How RSS feeds reaches the readers?

Once information or latest change is distributed in RSS format, programes like news-aggregators or the RSS-aware tools would check the feed if there are any changes and would publish it in the proper manner.

News aggregators are getting popular in the bloggers community. As RSS drives frequent search engine (spider) visits and ultimately give you higher search engine rankings, many bloggers publish their content in RSS. Job of news aggregator is to keep you updated with all the fresh content or news from you favorite news websites or blogs, without checking their websites by visiting frequently.

Is RSS necessary? Benefits for syndicating content using RSS

RSS is necessary only if you want genuine or targeted visitors to your website. RSS is very good solution for news freaker and people who regularly use internet for latest news from the web. It enables you to be informed by every piece of information of the websites your have subscribed of or interested in. Let me tell you benefits in very clear words
  • Reading RSS feed save your time as you don't have to visit the each of your interested websites.
  • You don't have to compromise with your privacy, since you don't have to join email newsletter.

RSS Feed is getting popular by feets and starts. Recent example of this fact is take over of Feedburner.com by Google to compete its rival and giant in online news Yahoo News.

Feed Reader or News Aggregator software grab news or content as RSS feeds from your interested websites and brings them to your display screen.

Below are some of the well known desktop RSS feeds grabber

Bwlow are some online web based RSS reader

Do we blogger need to publish RSS Feed? How RSS Feed can help us to improve traffic?

Lets me give you my own example. How RSS improve my traffic? Go to the Google.com >> search for 'make money adsense ebook collection' check out the sixth result i.e. www.topblogging.com/rss/Adsense.htm

which is nothing but published content of various blog by topblogging.com. Initially my blog content was showing as an rss feed, but now my blog is on the top for many keywords. For more about RSS feed download this Ebook called...

How To Drive Free, Massive Traffic Using RSS - Resell


(Which is being sold for $1.10 on ebay, It is FREE here)

Now How a blogger can published their feed online?

To publish feed of the content, you should know the URL of the feed. For blogger.com, your feed URL will be...


http://yourblog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default, for atom+XML feed

http://yourblog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss, for RSS+XML feed

(I don't know about other like wordpress or typad)

Submit this feed URL at below list of website, you will surely get result in 2 weeks, as I did.



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