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SpinTronics: A revolution about to Happen

Posted by Milan at 11.01.2007
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Nanotechnology is yet to serve best of it, and spintronics is kncking the door!!!

What is spintronics?

What is spintronics technology?

Why should we go for spintronics?advantage of it?

Good paper on spintronics with nanotechnology.

Spintronics in My Words

The word 'Spintronics' might wonder you, if you are not science & technology freak. But for people closely related to science or technology (i.e. scientists,Physicists or engineering student) are more curios about spintronics than about any other field of physics. Why? This new stream of physics supposed to be an integration of three major and revolutionary stream namely Electronics,Semiconductor Electronic, Optoelectronic and Magneto-electronics.

As name suggests it is the short form of Spin-Electronics. Electronics blended with Semiconductor Electronics, microelectronics and nanotechnology is being used in micro-processors to do multiple and most complicated computation in few seconds. We all know about electrons' basic properties like they are negative charged, they spins around and revolve in particular orbit. One of the property of electrons i.e. charge is being used in microprocessors or integrated circuits to represent binary digits (0 and 1). But as Shankar Das Sharma and many other scientists believe that this technology is likely to be replaced by spintronics devices. spinning property of electrons will be used to flow current in devices.

In my extremely simple words it is all about to control the spin of electron by means of external magnetic field. A device already working on spin electronics called 'giant magnetoresistive'.

Spintronics Technology

In short traditional devices depends on the charge of electrons while spitronics devices will rely on spin of electrons. Spintronics technology is primerily mean for storage of mass data. Multilayer thinfilm made up of CMR materials produced by this technology would drastically increase storage capacity of spintronic devices. IBM (International Business Machine) claims to store 16.8 Giga byte data in one square inch (Remember this is claimed at just begining point). It means you can carry data of your entire office in your wrist watch.

Simple working of Technology

Data will be managed by managing spin dynamics of electrons, these spins are transported between emitter and collector electrodes. Emitters emits electrons parallel (spin) to its align, collectors collectors collects electrons aligned with its own align only.


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