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Twin Brother of Google.com

Posted by Milan at 3.13.2008
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Couple of days back I read an article about Technological Challenges for humanity. I also discussed this topic with fellows at blogcatalog (Didn't receive informative responses). One thing that really amazed me is 'by 2029'. That means, at this point, we don't have such computer programs(artificial Intelligence) of equal intelligence level of human beings. Then question erupted in my mind was how google maintain the quality of search results? Such a precise (as compare to other search engines) result is not possible without interfere of human beings.

I dug about it and came to know what I was expecting. Google Inc. is hiring people to honestly rate search results of Google.com. A system developed by Google, called 'EWOQ', is used by highly skilled raters to rate results using special search strings. I would call EWOQ as Google's Interrogator Hub.Where do they perform this task??? Place is eval.google.com (Twin brother of G). Google's eval search engine used to be mystery till 2005 for webmasters.

People with approved Google account go to eval page and starts rating websites based on following....

  • Vital
  • Useful
  • Relevant
  • Not Relevant
  • Off-topic
  • Didn’t Load
  • Foreign Language
  • Unratable
  • Spam
  • Not Spam
  • Maybe Spam
  • Spam
So, I guess its because of these raters that JohnChow has almost been dropped out of Google.

You can also apply for job of rating here.

My opinion is this is absolutely appreciated task by Google Inc. This saves our time and money as the results we get in search result at google is already filtered by human beings.

I will post more about this so stay tuned in.....


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