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EntreCard: Fast Ways to Gain Credits | Card Drop

Posted by Milan at 4.07.2008
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Growing popularity of EntreCard (against Blogrush) reminds me of fight between Google and Yahoo. In spite of existence of giant like Yahoo in race for many years, Google is now narrowing gap between itself and Yahoo to dominate Internet world.

Okey, no more analytical words. In earlier post of EntreCard I showed you how entrecard is driving traffic to this blog. According to this post it is clear that more credits you have more traffic you will be able to drive at your blog. Dropping cards to other members is the easiest way to earn credits.

For entrecard there are three methods to drop cards. These methods are Fast faster and Fastest to drop cards respectively. So lets go for the first method.

Method 1

In this method you will have to use Mozilla Firefox browser with Linky add-ons installed. Few words about Linky. This add-on help us to open all the links on current page in different tabs at a time. After installation of Linky follow below procedure.

  1. >> Log into your EntreCard account
  2. >> Go to Campaign page. (You will find categorized list of blogs of members)
  3. >> Select any category.
  4. >> Now right click.
  5. >> Roll over mouse on 'Linky'
  6. >> Click on 'Open all Links in Tabs'

Now you will get a pop up window with all the ticked links available on that page and two option below links. Unticked both boxes. Now manually tick 20 links which looks like http://www.entrecard.com/details/xxxxx. Why 20??? Well, you can open more than that but chances are your PC might get hang. After selecting links, click on 'Open Selected Links'. On clicking, all those selected links will open in tabs of same window. Opened pages are with details of a entrecard members where URL of blog is also mentioned. Open that blog and drop you card.

Using this method I can drop 30-50 cards in half hour.

drawback: First you will have to land on detail page to go to main blog url which is time consuming.

Another method is very simple and faster than first one.

Method 2

>> Log into your Entrecard account

>> Open http://ec.createlf.com in different tab.

There is button on upper most left hand side after search field called 'Next'. Click on 'next' and you will be taken to one of the blog of entrecard member. Thats it. Locate entrecard widget and drop you card.

Drawback: You can open only one blog at a time.

Method 3

This is the fastest method to drop cards.

>> Log into you entrecard account.

>> Open this page in another tab.

>> Follow six steps of method 1.

7. Untick first box and tick 30 to 40 links randomly.

8. click on 'Open Selected Links'.


  • Unlike first method, you will directly land on blog of members.
  • 30 blogs will be open at a time.
I have successfully used this method. Let me know hows your experience.


lankapo said...

nice tips.
I use entrecard opener
downlaod the script and press win + Q
open a new site with EC

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