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Blogger.com Users: Must Avoid Things For Fear-Free Blogging

Posted by Milan at 6.18.2008
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Lot of bloggers complaining about their blog has been removed by Google. In most of the cases bloggers don't even know the reasons that caused their blog deleted. Google has clearly mentioned in TOS that they reserved right to take any action (including removing forever) if the blog breaches TOS (Terms Of Condition). The reason users are not aware with the strict-to-follow rules is users don't read the rules and google can't afford to compel new users to read lengthy TOS throughly before having them create a blog. Here is some pointers that will decrease chances of your blog removal by 98%.

Stuffing Ads Right From The Start.

This is most annoying thing people see when they visit blogspot blog. It has been noticed that ads thats been placed are referral Ads like PTE (Paid to read Email), Surveys and any form of money making ads. I bet nobody is going to come back to your blog if you place such ads without any content. Every single person admit that a blog with just ads without any content is spam.

Copy Righted Content / Duplicate Content / Hatred Content

Google is providing option on navbar to flag a blog if any thing found wrong in the blog content, content that is copy righted and hatred.

Copyrighted Content: Contents like articles of news websites, photographs, videos and podcasts. There is no harm if you publish copyrighted content with original link.

Hatred Content: Google has right to delete any account of any of its service (from GooglePages to Orkut) when users use the service for raved, raged intention. Couple of orkut accounts has been removed because of abusing Indian politician.

Publish Warez

Word Warez stand for any kind of products which you have to purchase but made available illegally for free on internet. Providing download links of such products guarantee you for your blog removal.

Pornographic / Child-Pornography Content

Nude photshoped celebrity images, videos and text is considered to be pornography. Medical examination of body parts is allowed.

Stuffing Irrelevant keywords

Your blog is consider to be spam if you publish content containing keywords that have nothing to do with your blog topic.

Hacking Tools/Tricks

[I am not 100% sure about this] Tutorials like breaking into server or penetrating into network is not allowed. Cracking software programs is also highly risky e.g hacking windows to make it genuine.

Redirecting Visitors

Couple of months back a person had explained at a forum about how to make money using YouTube. Trick was to create an exciting video and ask viewers to logon a blogspot blog where a redirecting script redirects visitors to the affiliate page. He had provided an example of such blog, too. But now that blog is removed.

Use Of Malicious Script

There are many javascript available on internet to install adware or trojons on your computers (i.e client). Such programs get installed as soon as you visit blog. Once your blog is flaged or reported to Google your blog will be removed.

Setting Up Demo Blog

There are many online services available to start blogging within just five minutes. Blogger.com (owned by Google) and wordpress are two pioneers. Many designers design themes for wordpress. Some people don't design but just convert those themes for blogger.com. To make sure the template is working fine, such bloggers install such template by creating demo blog. While searching for new blogger template for this blog I have seen many demo blog deleted.

Make sure you don't follow any of the above things. Because, once your blog is removed forget to get it back. Subscribe to feed for more Tips

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joeltan said...

Thanks for the tips, Milan. I'd hate to wake up one day and find my blogs—blogs that I've worked hard on for weeks, months, and sometimes even years—disappear suddenly because of a TOS violation, no matter how minor.

More power to you and your endeavors.

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