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Writing Post To Rank Well & Making Money

Posted by Milan at 7.02.2008
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I got an image response for this post within few hours of publish. Since comment with HTML tag in that blog is not working, s(he) sent message to my stumbleupon account. I have placed that image on right hand side of this post.

Humm! good say. It really makes sense. But dear, we have no go but to form a post in a way I talked of. Ok, the solution is just forget about everything and start writing. A post will comply with those factors with normal writing. Natural writing will cover most of the SEO criteria for best post. A post with good rank in search result for particular keyword is the prime source of money.

Benefits Of Good Ranked Post

  • Good rank means trust of search engine. Search engine trust means trust of visitors.
  • You can sell related affiliate product.
  • Visitors are most likely to click on contextual ads.
  • They are also going to check other posts.
  • You can transfer traffic from highly ranked post to low rank post. (If you have done internal linking well)
  • You can go for paid links (Paid links is of no harm if nofollow tag is there).
  • Post is likely to get back link.

I bet a little search about topic and natural writing can do well. Something has to be done to gain something, because its all about money honey.


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