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ChromePlus To Improve Google Chrome

Posted by Milan at 8.30.2009
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If you've been using Google Chrome because of it's sleek interface and ultra-fast load times, you might have noticed that it comes at the expense of a few certain features that we've come to love, such as add-ons!

The current release version of Chrome has a few built-in add-ons, but that's it! There is no other way to enhance Chrome at this point. Alas, someone decided that they needed to do something and ended up packaging Google Chrome along with a few enhancements.

ChromePlus is a nifty little program that adds a couple of nice features to the Chrome browser. At this point, it's only five additional features, but they are planning a lot more in the future.

chrome plus

Here are the new features you get with ChromePlus at this time:

1. Double click – Ability to close a tab by simply double-clicking on the tab at the top

2. Gestures – Ability to use mouse gestures to run commands or perform actions. Holding down the right-mouse button and moving left is like clicking the Back button, right is Forward button, Up and Left is previous tab, etc.

3. Super drag – If you have a page with a bunch of links and you want to follow that link into a new tab, just click and drag it with your left mouse button and drop it somewhere else on the page.

The link will now open in a new tab. Pretty nifty in case you want to keep the current page open also.

Secondly, dragging and dropping some text on the page will open that page in a new tab with the ability to search the text.

4. IE tab – If you've used IE 8 before, you know they have a button at the top near the address bar that lets you switch into compatibility mode in case a website does not load properly in IE 8.

ChromePlus has a similar feature, but for IE. If the site is not loading in Chrome, press the button to switch to IE and the page will render using IE.


5. Download tools – You can right-click anywhere on the page and get a context menu with built-in download functions like Download with Orbit, Download with FlashGet3, etc.

enhance google chrome

You can set all the options by clicking on the Tools button and then choosing ChromePlus Options.

chromeplus options

Overall, it's worth downloading if you enjoy using Chrome as your default browser. The extra features are definitely nice. So give it a shot! [via NirmalTV]



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