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Category Filter Of Google Adsense

Posted by Milan at 9.01.2009
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The Google AdSense program is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can provide much-needed funds to help run a website, on the other the ads can be very annoying especially if they are for get rich quick, dating, and weight loss schemes, when readers aren’t in the faintest bit interested in such things.
As such, I’ve switched back and forth over the years between running AdSense ads and not. The cash generated by the program for Sciencetext is low, it just about covers hosting costs each month. That said, if there is a traffic spike it might bump up the $$$ temporarily, and pay for my coffee that morning too.
Meanwhile, Google has finally added a new level of filtering for publishers and bloggers so that they can block certain types of ads. Needless to say, as soon as this was enabled on my AdSense account I immediately blocked the ads that are most commonly scams and other junk.
If you’re running AdSense on your site, the Ad Review Centre is where you want to be (it’s under the AdSense Setup tab) set select up to five categories of ads to block on your own site. If you know how to run AdSense, then I don’t need to hand-hold you through the category selection process. The ARC tells you what percentage of your AdSense revenue comes from each ad category. Of course, I wouldn’t block any that make a substantial amount for you, unless you’re feeling overly generous.
Meanwhile, you will continue to see contextual ads on Sciencetext but you will no longer be exposed to the most irrelevant and irritating categories. Of course, if you’re using NoScript or AdBlock+ in Firefox, you probably aren’t even aware that Sciencetext is running AdSense at all. Although if you are, you may be depriving me of my coffee too, sadly…




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