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Get Google Calender on iPhone

Posted by Milan at 9.17.2009
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Since I've gotten my iPhone, I have tried to sync up as many services as possible with the iPhone's built in email, calendar and contact apps. If you're in a corporate environment, you've probably already setup an email account using the Exchange option on the iPhone.

Unfortunately, you can only add one Microsoft Exchange account to your iPhone, so if you want to sync your Outlook calendar and Google calendar, you have to use CalDAV instead of Google Sync (which uses Exchange).

In this post, I will walk you through the steps for setting up Google Calendar on your iPhone using the CalDAV protocol, which means you can still use the Exchange option for your corporate email.

First, click on the Settings button on your iPhone home screen:

Next, click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option under Settings:

Next, click on the Add Account option at the bottom:

Next, click on the last option called Other:

google calendar iphone

Next, click on the Add CalDAV Account option under the Calendars heading:

Almost done! Now, you need to enter your Google account information. In the Server field, enter Google.com. Enter your full email address for the username and type in your Google account password. In the Description field, type in the name for the account that you want.

Tap the Next button at the top of the screen and you're done! Just go to the Calendar application on the iPhone and syncing will automatically start once you open it. If you have any issues, post a comment here and I'll try to help! Enjoy!


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