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Apollo-11 vs Modern Personal Computer

Posted by Milan at 11.13.2007
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In 1969 Apollo-11 set off with three erudite astronauts called Neil Armstrong Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins. Neil Armstrong took giant leap in the form of small step on July 20, 1969.

While twaddling with my college group about technology & computers, a tiny thought sparked in my mind, about the computer used in Apollo-11 and todays modern computers. Here is the differentiation table presented.

Apollo-11 Computer
Todays Personal Computers

  • RAM (Random Access Memory) 2 Kilobytes.

  • ROM (Read Only Memory) 36 Kilobytes.

  • Processing speed 1 Megahertz.

  • Number pad in stead of Keyboard.

  • Power supply needed: 70 watt.

  • Random Access Memory 512 mega bytes. (RAM)

  • Read Only Memory (ROM) 512 Kilobytes.

  • Storage capacity 80 GigaBytes.

  • Processing speed 3 Gigahertz.

  • Power supply needed 250 watt.


  • RAM of todays personal computers is 256,000 time greater than Apollo-11 computer.
  • ROM is 15 times greater
  • Modern computers are 3000 times faster in processing a task.


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