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Paid to Blog | Make money by Blogging

Posted by Milan at 11.09.2007
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Paid to Blog | Make money by blogging
This is really good resource to earn online. As everybody (or only Internet savvy surfer) knows, how important good content is. Content is the king. If you are pretty good at writing, you can make lots of lots of money, you can be successful blogger, you can develop your own website or you can work as free lancer. But if you are not willing to have extra burden of developing own website, yet you can earn.

I have already reviewed Smorty and Associatedcontent.com separately, as these both are pioneer to earn by blogging or by submitting content.

Below is the list of some websites that pays you to post in your blog. Some people are making $150 in a week. Different website has outlined their different pay amount (Like Smorty is paying minimum $6 and maximum $60 ). Pay out depends on the many factors like you PR, Blog-Traffic you are getting per day and rank of your blog for keywords.

This is a list of blog ad networks that will pay you for writing posts about products & sites.

1. blogtoprofit.com

2. bloggingads.com

3. blogitive.com

4. blogsvertise.com

5. buzzbyblog.com

6. creamaid.com

7. linkylovearmy.com

8. paymetoblogaboutyou.com

9. loudlaunch.com

10. payperpost.com

11. reviewme.com

12. smorty.com


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