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Blogging | Weblogs

Posted by Milan at 11.25.2007
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'Blogging is to Convey Actual of You'

So many things have already been written and publish earlier about Blog and Blogging. Actually it is well saturated topic to write on. It would be prudent to digg as deeper as possible about what you wanna know. Thats what I learned today and thats what promoted me to write about Blog and Blogging.

Sometime you might find gem which is yet to be proved as a gem. For example, couple of months back I happened to know about blog and blogging. Curiously I digg about it, obviously I found wikipedia page from Google. Over searching dipper and dipper I came across a page which was conveying huge and very meaningful message in very few words (Visit the page). I found this page 5-6 months back. as this page is getting 6th rank in Google for keyword 'Blogging', I can say that I gained what thousands of people are gaining now. In other words I am 5-6 months ahead from those people who are searching and will be searching about Blogging.

Also I decided to publish series of post on blogging, where you will be knowing various tools and services that I have used/using for my THIS blog, which is getting 371 readers and 16 (Average) subscribers per day.

Without taking you ride of the circle that leads nowhere, let me start with the below question....

What is Blog?

"A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world."

Blog is the web-version of diary, a diary where a person write down his/her day to day thoughts. Blog, also called as weblog, is a kind of website where informations are arranged in chronicle or reverse chronicle manner. What do you mean by Chronical manner?? it means entries-- also called a posts-- will be published date-wise. 'Blog' is not officially accepted term or word, but I guess it will be accepted soon, because now a days blog are used for absolutely different purpose i.e a platform where you can represent your thoughts before the entire world. Also people have started blogging to make profit out of the blog. So, the question could be...

What is Weblog and Blog??

Answer: Weblog is the online version of diary, and blog is the weblog that can be use to make profit.

Topic of the blog varies from personal to anything like art, design, science, technology or political. Big companies and corporations also using blog as an alternative of press-release. Further, topic of the blog can be focused on narrowed topic like 'Interiors Design' rather than only 'Design', 'Computer Technology' rather than 'Technology'.

Again a question..

What is the difference between a website and a Blog or weblog????

Post: There is specific word for main portion of website but for blog it is called 'Post', also known as entries or article.
Archive: old entries are published as archive in chronical manner.

Comment: Websites are not interactive but blogs are made so by comment. Visitors can place comment (i.e their point of view) on your post.
Feed: A Blog is suppose to be frequently updated, as I said earlier that blog is the online version of diary, its update is pass on by feed. People have also started to sydicate feeds for their website. But it is the copy of blog-feature, syndication of feed was first done for blogs.

Permalink: Permalink is the phrase two to three keywords that best describes your post. Other bloggers can use permalink to refer your post from their blog.

Now, Last question....

Who was the first blogger to start blogging????

Justin Hall is believed to be the first blogger (See his photo at upper-right), who started blogging in 1994. Brad Fitzpatrick is also one of the earliest blogger.

Next, I will be posting about different aspect to be a blogger.

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