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Online Paid Surveys

Posted by Milan at 11.22.2007
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Okey, you are reading this blog because you wish to know whether one can make money from paid surveys. By reading this post you will get answers of following Qs...

  • Can I make money online by answering paid surveys?
  • Does anyone really make money filling out surveys? Why all the offers during the survey?
  • Is making money from survey is legitimate way?

Answer is YES. You can make money by giving off you opinion.

Paid surveys are really a great way to make money online. In my list of 'ways to make money online', online surveys holds second position (First but toughest is Affiliate marketing). So many people are there making money everyday by just filling form (it called survey) of several questions. Although they are not getting rich as they all want, at least they are making good money for which other people have to work doubly hard.

Online surveys started quiet long back, but they became well known way to earn just few years back. The reason is participants didn't want to reveal this way as they had fear that this new stream would be over saturated.

Soon many companies realized that conducting surveys on internet and paying participants for that, is extremely cheap, time saving and very productive. As a matter of fact, so many companies used this way as an alternative of market research.

In early days companies used to offer incentives, gifts voucher or cash prizes (in some cases) for the opinions they want. Of course, later on more and more companies preferred to pay cash as they realised that 'only way to get what we want is to giving what people want'.

Can one become rich by doing paid surveys? Nope of course, but the amount of work and time you will be investing is much less as compare to the other ways to earn.

Scams and Internet are two sides of coin. There are scam paid surveys companies also, while on the other hand there are some genuine standards or victims of such scams to help you out. So don't let that put you off.

Read this page about how to recognize scam and genuine survey firm. Also with gorgeous list of paid surveys for US, canada or worldwide people.


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