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From iPhone to PC To iPhone: Transfer Music Videos Photos Files

Posted by Milan at 12.02.2009
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This iPhone app helps to.....

Backup iPhone content to PCCopy iPhone music, movies, music videos and photos to your computer, backup iPhone music and movies to your computer.

PC to Phone transfer

Transfer music, movies, music videos from PC to iPhone easily. No need to remove original iPhone files, just add what you want.

Rip iPhone files to iTunes

Easily transfer files from iPhone to iTunes for backup and management.

Supports All iPhone types

Including iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone firmware 2.x.


Easily manage your iPhone files as a iPhone file manager

It can freely and easily transfer videos, music and photos between iPhone and PC/iTune. With this iPhone transfer software, you can transfer videos and music from iPhone to computer and transfer files from PC to iPhone with great easy, transfer your iPhone files to iTunes for backup and management. In all, Xilisoft iPhone Transfer can greatly facilitate files transfer, copy and backup among iPhone and PC for users, making us able to freely and easily manage/operate iPhone.

Supporting the latest iPhone firmware 2.x, the iPhone transfer application is superior to those iPhone softwares that cannot transfer files from PC to iPhone 2.x.

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer enables you to export files from computer to iPhone for viewing and playing, and further manages the files via iTunes. Besides transferring iPhone files, now you can use your iPhone as a portable hard disk with the iPhone transfer software installed.

Key Functions of Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

1. Ripping iPhone, backup iPhone content to PC

2. Export files from computer to iPhone, transfer from PC to iPhone

3. Copy iPhone music and videos to iTunes library

4. Make use of iPhone for portable hard disk

With Xilisoft iPhone Transfer, you are able to create and edit your own iPhone playlists with easy,view iPhone files in different mode, including List view and Illustration view, quickly locate files that you are looking for.

Play iPhone files directly

You are now able to play iPhone files with a system default player for greater convenience simply by clicking on the right-click menu.

Fast file transfer speed

Unimaginable super-fast speed which is saving you a lot of time. Get your music transferred in a few seconds!

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

This software has a clear and intuitive interface. You can know how to operate this software within a few minutes according to its intuitive navigation and wizard.

Multi-lingual support

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer support several different languages, which is suitable for users from different countries, including Chinese, English, French, German and Japanese. credit



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