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Dennis Hwang: An Unknown Yet Popular Artist

Posted by Milan at 11.06.2007
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An artist whose sketches are being watched by 1.8 Millions people within 24 hours. Name of that artist is Dennis Hwang. This fellow is working as a webmaster at Google Corporation.

On special occasion Google make mischievous change in its logo. This mischievous yet remarkable changes are made by (I guess he is mischievous too) Denni Hwag. Dennis is 29 year old guy, former student of Stanford Uni, working at Google. He has connate art to make such changes with hand stroke. Whether its 50 years of DNA discovery or Birthday of Louis Braille, Dennis has done his job quiet beautifully.

Popularity of his art came to notice when Google published a logo where both alphabet 'O' were replaced by human DNA chain on occasion of 50 years of DNA discovery. Thousands of user drew his attention that discovery was about DNA only not Chain of Double Helix DNA.

Dennis was asked for one of his google logo with his signature on, by Nobel prize winner scientist Watson (One of the scientist who discovered DNA).



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