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Photonics Computing: 35 Billion bits computer

Posted by Milan at 11.03.2007
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Title might seem impossible or exaggerated to you. Well it can be or can not be, it is certainly difficult to say precisely. Such a massive speed of performing logic can be achieved by the phenomenon called 'Photonics computing'. Computers are used to accomplish different task from basic file manipulation to perform most complicated computation (like weather forecasting or space shuttle) in few seconds. Heart of these computers is silicon chip (in engineering its called microprocessor). And heart of these chip is transfer of electrons.

What is Photonics?

Computers can only understand language of 0 and 1 also called as binary digits. This is achieved by interfering electrons from one point to another point by means of transistors. Flow of electrons represents 1 otherwise 0. Photonics computing is intended to replace this mechanism. Photonics is a phenomenon to transfer Photons (Beam of light made up of photons, photons are nothing but packets of energy) in stead of electrons.

Why Photonics? Why not electronics?

Photonics is preferable because photons are used as base. Electrons are particles, where as photons are not particles they are just packets of energy. That means air can be the resistance for electrons but not for photons. Electrons are very in speed but photons are static in speed i.e 3,000,000 Meters per Second in all over universe. Thus photons can be moved much faster than electrons. Also photons are easy to manipulated with the help of simple holograms. This leads to very economical photonics devices called photonic transistors.

Note: Todays computers are 64 or 128 bit (Super computers are exceptional case) computers i.e a chip can perform logic on 64 bits data per second on the other hand a spectrum by Interference of light can represent 35 billions bits

First Photonic transistor was developed and tested in 1989 by Rocky mountain research lab.

So you can say that the first step is successfully accomplished. But it might take some time to reach us.

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